Kate's recommended books list

Top Ten Books--in no particular order

  1. The Collected Works of Billy the Kid (Ondaatje)
  2. Homestead (Lippi)
  3. Everything is Illuminated (Foer)
  4. The Book Thief (Zusak)
  5. Alias Grace (Atwood)
  6. The Stone Diaries (Shields)
  7. First Light (Baxter)
  8. Ship Fever and other stories (Barrett)
  9. Girls (Busch)
  10. Out Stealing Horses (Petterson)

Complete list of recommended books, alphabetized by author's last name -- last modified 10/6/2009

Adichie, Chimamanda Ngozi

Allende, Isabelle

Allison, Dorothy

Alvarez, Julia

Ambrose, Steven

Anderson, M.T.

Atkinson, Kate

Atwood, Margaret

Barnes, Julian

Barrett, Andrea

Barry, Sebastian

Bausch, Richard

Baxter, Charles

Beck, Martha

Berendt, John

Berman, Sabina

Bloom, Amy

Bragg, Rick

Bromell, Henry

Brooks, Geraldine
  • March

Busch, Frederick

Byatt, A.S.

Canin, Ethan

Cantwell, Mary

Chabon, Michael

Chang, Jung

Choan, Dan

Chevalier, Tracy

Cisneros, Sandra

Clark, Nancy

Codrescu, Andrei

Coe, Jonathan

Collins, Susan

  • The Hunger Games

Cowan, Andrew

Cronin, Justin

Cunningham, Michael

Davidar, David

Davies, Katharine

Davies, Peter Ho

Deane, Seamus

Dillard, Annie

Donati, Sara

Dorris, Michael

Dove, Rita

Doyle, Roddy

Dubus, Andre

Dunnett, Dorothy

Earley, Tony

Ehrlich, Gretel

Ephron, Amy

Erdrich, Louise

Ernaux, Annie

Eugenides, Jeffrey

Fadiman, Anne

Farr, Judith

Fielding, Helen

Foer, Jonathan Safran

Frazier, Charles

Freud, Esther

French, Albert

Fuchs, Elinor

Fuller, Alexandra

Gallant, Mavis

Garcia, Cristina

Gibbons, Kaye

Glass, Julia

Golden, Arthur

Golding, William

Goodman, Allegra

Gopnik, Adam

Gordimer, Nadine

Gray, Spaulding

Groff, Lauren

  • The Monsters of Templeton

Gurganus, Allan

Gutterson, David

Hagedorn, Jessica

Hansen, Ron

Hardinge, Frances

Harrison, Jim

Haruf, Kent

Hellenga, Robert

Hempel, Amy

Henkin, Joshua

Hillenbrand, Laura

Hoffman, Alice

Hoffmann, Yoel

Howard, Maureen

Hulme, Kerri

Ishiguro, Kazuo

Jenkins, Emily

Jhabuala, Ruth Prawer

Jiles, Paulette

  • The Color of Lightning

Jin, Ha

Jones, Edward P

Joyce, Graham

Kazischke, Laura

Karr, Mary

Kingsolver, Barbara

Kingston, Maxine Hong

Krouse, Erika

Lahiri, Jhumpa

Lamott, Anne

Leffland, Ella

Levy, Andrea

Link, Kelly

  • Pretty Monsters

Lippi, Rosina

Lively, Penelope

Livesey, Margot

MacLaverty, Bernard

Maine, David

Maitland, Sara

Mallon, Thomas

Martel, Yann

McBride, James

McCall Smith, Alexander

McCourt, Frank

McCracken, Elizabeth

  • The Giant's House

McDermott, Alice

  • That Night
  • Charming Billy
  • After This

McEwan, Ian

  • Saturday

Mendelsohn, Jane

  • I was Amelia Earhart

Minot, Eliza

  • The Brambles

Minot, Susan

  • Lust
  • Folly
  • Evening

Mitchell, David

  • Black Swan Green
  • Cloud Atlas
  • Ghostwritten

Moore, Lorrie

  • Who Will Run the Frog Hospital?
  • Birds of America

Morris, Mary

  • Nothing to Declare

Morrison, Toni
  • The Song of Soloman
  • The Bluest Eye
  • Sula
  • Jazz
  • Beloved

Mukherjee, Bharati

  • Jasmine
  • The Holder of the World
  • The Middleman and other stories

Munro, Alice

  • The Progress of Love
  • The Love of a Good Woman
  • The Beggar Maid
  • The Moons of Jupiter

Murray, Sabina

  • The Caprices

Naylor, Gloria

  • Bailey's Cafe
  • Mama Day

Nemirovsky, Irene

  • Suite Francaise

Ness, Patrick

Ondaatje, Michael

Ozeki, Ruth L.

  • My Year of Meats

Patchett, Ann

  • Bel Canto
  • Run

Pears, Iain

  • An Instance of the Fingerpost
  • The Dream of Scipio

Pears, Tim

  • In the Place of Fallen Leaves

Petterson, Per

Pipkin, John

  • Woodsburner

Powers, Richard

  • Three Farmers on Their Way to a Dance

Proulx, E. Annie

  • Postcards
  • The Shipping News

Pullman, Philip

  • The Golden Compass
  • The Subtle Knife
  • The Amber Spyglass

Rakoff, David

  • Fraud

Reichl, Ruth

  • Tender at the Bone
  • Comfort Me with Apples

Richards, Mark

  • Fishboy

Roberts, Michele

  • Daughters of the House
  • During Mother's Absence

Robinson, Kim Stanley

  • Red Mars

Robinson, Marilynne

Rouaud, Jean

  • Fields of Glory

Rowling, J.K.

  • Harry Potter (series)

Russell, Mary Doria

  • The Sparrow
  • Children of God
  • A Thread of Grace

Salzman, Mark

  • Lying Awake

Saramago, Jose

  • Blindness

Sedaris, David

  • Barrel Fever
  • Naked
  • Me Talk Pretty One Day
  • Dress Your Family in Cordoroy and Denim

Senior, Olive

  • Summer Lightning

Seth, Vikram

  • A Suitable Boy

Shields, Carol

Sidhwa, Bapsi

  • Cracking India

Silber, Joan
  • Ideas of Heaven
  • In My Other Life
  • The Size of the World

Silko, Leslie Mormon

  • Ceremony

Slater, Nigel

  • Toast: The Story of a Boy's Hunger

Smiley, Jane

  • A Thousand Acres
  • The Age of Grief
  • The Greenlanders
  • Barn Blind
  • The All True Travels and Adventures of Liddie Newton
  • Horse Heaven

Smith, Lee

  • Fair and Tender Ladies
  • Family Linen

Smith, Sarah

  • The Knowledge of Water

Smith, Zadie

  • White Teeth

Spark, Debra

  • Coconuts for the Saint

Stegner, Wallace

  • Angle of Repose

Strout, Elizabeth

  • Olive Kitteridge

Swift, Graham

  • Waterland

Tartt, Donna

  • The Little Friend

Thompson, Jean

  • Who Do You Love

Tinti, Hannah

  • The Good Thief

Tomalin, Claire

  • Jane Austen: A Life

Trevor, William

  • The Hill Bachelors
  • My House in Umbria

Trillin, Calvin

  • Messages from My Father
  • Family Man
  • Feeding a Yen
  • About Alice

Truong, Monique

  • The Book of Salt

Tyler, Anne

  • Accidental Tourist
  • Saint Maybe

Unsworth, Barry

Urrea, Luis Alberto

Walker, Alice

  • The Color Purple

Wallace, David Foster

  • A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again

White, Bailey

  • Mama Makes Up Her Mind

Winterson, Jeanette

  • The Passion
  • Sexing the Cherry
  • Oranges are not the Only Fruit
  • Tanglewreck

Wolff, Tobias

  • In Pharaoh's Army
  • Old School

Wright, Richard B.

Yamanaka, Lois-ann

Zusak, Markus

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